My name is Ming-Cee Yee and I am a fourth-year undergraduate computer science student at the University of Waterloo. My goal is to explore and develop back-end or full-stack software in my career. I am also interested in automata theory and formal languages (as well as natural ones!) and hope to be pursuing those interests in upper-year courses.

I have been self-learning web design and dabbling in various visual art media for many years. This site and its contents were completely designed and developed by myself. My other hobbies include playing piano (classically trained) and guitar, and breakdancing. I have studied various natural languages, including Cantonese, French, German, and Dutch.

Props to my brother Ming-Ho for making this site possible!

Email me at mingcee(at)skysketches(dot)com.

Featured Projects


Wishlist is a web application designed to organise gift-giving among a group of people.


Maya is a Slack bot user that has various functions and silly responses.


Calculator implements the shunting-yard algorithm to parse basic in-fix arithmetic expressions.